As Network Engineers we get involved in all kinds of issues that on the surface they appear as communication issues underneath they are configuration or system issues. In this post I will go over an instance in which an ESX Host was unable to mount an NFS store and it all appear to point into […]

Load Balancing an SMTP gateway can be tricky if the platform used is not well understood. In this post we will go over the iterations of load balancing I had to go through protect an SNMP Gateway that had two servers. The Problem:¬†Critical vulnerabilities identified with TLS v1, v1.1 and v3. Our SMTP gateway has […]

In the past VPN Solutions were limited to connecting to an enterprise network, nowadays the requirements are changing. Diverse profiles matching specific use cases per user group and above all mobility have brought an increase to the requirements to VPN solutions. In general, VPN Clients make your primary connection to the Internet a transport media […]

Unplanned Work.¬†This type of work takes all other work and puts it in the back burner, it results in heroic battles to “fight fires”